Monday, November 23, 2009

Dragon’s anatomy

Dragon Tears: When Dragons shed a tear, which Dragons do only very rarely, these tears will change into precious stones and crystals when they reach the earth. Each Dragon has a different crystal or precious stone. Dragon’s tears can also heal most illness. There is a prise to pay for these tears that needs to be considered before you ask for them. Sometimes a Dragon’s Tear will be given without payment being asked for but again beware as this could come later.

Dragon’s Breath: Most Dragons can breathe fire (Water Dragons are the only dragons that can not breathe fire) which can of course be used to harm or to heal, but Dragon’s Breath can be used to go from one world to the next. Dragon’s will breathe over you and a mist will form, you then step into this mist and when the mist clears you will be either in a different world or time frame or a different place in the same world. This is something that the Dragons will do if they feel you need to see a new world to get a different prospective on a lesson they are teaching you or if you need to maybe see where you will be in say 10 years time if you do not change what they are telling needs changing. Dragons will also do this to objects that they wish to bring into our world for us to use.

Dragon’s Talons: The talons of most Dragons are extremely sharp, these are used to catch and tear up prey. Dragons also use their talons in mating flights, the male Dragon uses his talons to catch hold of the female Dragon’s shoulders just where their wings are, and this then enables the males to mate without fear of injury. Female Dragons use their in the mating flights to ward off any other females in the area or to stop the males advances.
The Talons of a Dragon can be given to a warrior to form the blade of their daggers or swords if the Dragon is an older Dragon. These weapons would always strike true and the blades would never lose their edge. These daggers and swords were and still are much sort after.

Dragon’s Blood: Dragons blood is a very powerful force. It can be used for warding off evil and is often used in spells for protection and cleansing. Dragons will not give their blood to humans very often, even one they have been working with for a long time as the act of giving their blood to you is seen by the Dragons as a “Blood Rite”. In other words you become one with that Dragon. This is not something that is under taken lightly. Your need must be very great indeed to ask this of a Dragon and you can ask but you may not be given. The “Blood Rite” is performed on a Full Moon and not something that a 1st Degree advocate should attempt. Dragon’s blood is not red like ours but a light green in colour.