Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dragon Message

"Nordra JAL” was my first ever Guardian Dragon, his is an Earth Dragon and is now a mature Dragon, so he started off Bronze in colour and is now the colour of Coal...he is now a Higher Dragon and is looking after the current Rose Cottage Guardian Dragon.

Nordra JAL message is: - "Be sure that your path is not obscured by your desire”

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Working with Dragon Energy

When you befriend a dragon to work magick, you need to be prepared for a demanding time, your Dragon can seem to be a little harsh at times but it will always be in your best interests.
Once you have a good working relationship with a dragon he or she will want you to learn all you can, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with them. Dragon Magick is not one of those things that can be picked up and put down again when you feel like it, it is a continuous learning experience that lasts a lifetime. Whilst working with dragons be sure to give them the respect they deserve and they will respect you. You have to have a two way relationship with your co-magickian; they are not going to do all the work whilst you sit back and watch! Treat your dragon companion as your friend, don’t just call on it when you need something but allow it to spend time with you.
Dragon energy can be used for anything you wish, you can use this energy the same way you would if you were calling upon a certain God or Goddess.

You can use Dragon energy if you are doing ritual, blessing your house, cleansing your house, protecting your house, car, any item you wish, the list is endless and only limited by your own imagination.

Dragon Cleansing Chant: -

Our house cleansed with Dragon fire,
Our house cleansed with Dragon breath,
Our house cleansed with Dragon tears,
Our house cleansed with Dragon power,

Our house is now cleansed and pure,
Ready for the New Year!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dragons of dual element

Dragons have been hatched recently with dual elements e.g. Fire & Water, Air & Earth, fire & Earth etc, now Dragons normally only have one element, they know about all elements but only have one in themselves. Dual Dragons have been appearing in the last 10 years, why I have not yet been told, they are similar to our Blue Star and Crystal Children that are being born.

I have a theory that these Dragons will be working very closely with Humans in the fight against Global Warming and Climate Change, but as I say this is only my theory and I have yet to do any extensive meditation on it to have this confirmed or denied.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dragon Class Definitions

Dragons are know by their class definitions, so when they reveal their name to you they will also have a three lettered prefix after their names, this tells you which class of “Dragon” they look to. Below is a short list that I have gathered in my studies on Dragons, there are plenty more but I have not yet met all Dragons!!!

Esaya RAN – Firelight Sun Princess Warrior class

RAN – Warrior
MAR – Mother
LAR – Poet
TAR – Scholar
JAL – Messenger
SIL – Singer
SAN – Healer
MIL – Musician
FAN – Engineer / Inventors
SEP – Dancer
CAI – Priest / Knowledgeable one

Friday, December 4, 2009

How Dragons fit into our world and their time frame

Dragons have been here since the beginning of time and some say before that. Some people believe that Dragons have been a catalyst for many new worlds forming, as Dragons love to play with energies which can lead to explosions in space and out of the explosions new worlds are formed. I believe this to be true as there are many worlds that the Dragons look to and look after, so I feel that they know that they were the cause that started that peculiar world so they should watch over this world. Dragons have a great sense of duty and responsibility which is something that they take very seriously, so you need to keep this in mind when working with them, because if you agree to do something that a Dragon has asked of you, please do not think that you can just forget about it, this will not happen.

You can see Dragons physically when you know how to look for them. How you do this is to focus on a spot in the room then let you eyes slowly un-focus this will allow you to see the Dragons aura, once you can see this you will then be able to spot them anywhere. It does take some practice so please keep going with it as it is well worth the time. Another way that a Dragon may choose to communicate with your is through your dreams, as when you are sleeping your subconscious is the one that they find easier to deal with, less prejudice for them to deal with and to try to cut through! Dragon dreams are usually very vivid and in colour. They will have a beginning, middle and an end, and the message is normally to be found in the whole dream. You can get message through from your Dragon when you meditate as this also opens up your subconscious to them. Always think very carefully about what you are agreeing to when a message or dream comes to you as I have said before Dragons do not go back on their word, so will not expect you to either.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dragon’s anatomy

Dragon Tears: When Dragons shed a tear, which Dragons do only very rarely, these tears will change into precious stones and crystals when they reach the earth. Each Dragon has a different crystal or precious stone. Dragon’s tears can also heal most illness. There is a prise to pay for these tears that needs to be considered before you ask for them. Sometimes a Dragon’s Tear will be given without payment being asked for but again beware as this could come later.

Dragon’s Breath: Most Dragons can breathe fire (Water Dragons are the only dragons that can not breathe fire) which can of course be used to harm or to heal, but Dragon’s Breath can be used to go from one world to the next. Dragon’s will breathe over you and a mist will form, you then step into this mist and when the mist clears you will be either in a different world or time frame or a different place in the same world. This is something that the Dragons will do if they feel you need to see a new world to get a different prospective on a lesson they are teaching you or if you need to maybe see where you will be in say 10 years time if you do not change what they are telling needs changing. Dragons will also do this to objects that they wish to bring into our world for us to use.

Dragon’s Talons: The talons of most Dragons are extremely sharp, these are used to catch and tear up prey. Dragons also use their talons in mating flights, the male Dragon uses his talons to catch hold of the female Dragon’s shoulders just where their wings are, and this then enables the males to mate without fear of injury. Female Dragons use their in the mating flights to ward off any other females in the area or to stop the males advances.
The Talons of a Dragon can be given to a warrior to form the blade of their daggers or swords if the Dragon is an older Dragon. These weapons would always strike true and the blades would never lose their edge. These daggers and swords were and still are much sort after.

Dragon’s Blood: Dragons blood is a very powerful force. It can be used for warding off evil and is often used in spells for protection and cleansing. Dragons will not give their blood to humans very often, even one they have been working with for a long time as the act of giving their blood to you is seen by the Dragons as a “Blood Rite”. In other words you become one with that Dragon. This is not something that is under taken lightly. Your need must be very great indeed to ask this of a Dragon and you can ask but you may not be given. The “Blood Rite” is performed on a Full Moon and not something that a 1st Degree advocate should attempt. Dragon’s blood is not red like ours but a light green in colour.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dragon message 5

"Owello", she is an Earth Dragon and is from the UK, she comes from Cornwall, where I grew up and lives in one of the old tin mines. She is brown / green in colour and has very large wings.

"Owello"s message for Friday was "Never forget your heritage, as this what has made you who you are"

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dragon message 4

"Janupor LAR ", and "Jonupor SAN" these two are my Water and Air Dragons and they are twins. Their names are only their baby names as they are two of Lanith's 2nd hatching, when they reach adolescents they will be given new names...Lanith has said that I can name them if I she first told me this I was bowled over.

Janupor LAR, and "Jonupor SAN message is: - "You are what you are meant to be, don't tie yourself up in knots looking for someone else"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dragon message 3

"Roroth RAN" is a fire Dragon and comes from Eastern Europe; he is a Higher Dragon and has at the present 7 charges (Guardian Dragons). Roroth is a very large Dragon as he is also very old. He is a deep scarlet in colour with gold tints to his wings.

Roroth RAN message is: - "Knowledge is not something to be kept in the dark; you need to share to grow"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Please meet Azaroth

Azaroth has been with me now for the last 2 months

He is a Sage Dragon...

Sages are the male equivalent of the matriarchs(more information in these to come) They teach the young hatchlings the male energies of each element and will often take on apprentices from the hatchlings that show promise. These apprentices still need to serve as Guardian Dragons but will normally only do so for a shorter period of time. Sages are also the guardians of ideas, power, change, time etc. They store these elements to be used as needed; we can as we learn to work more closely with Dragons assess these when the time is right.

Azaroth is a large black Dragon with silver on his wings and tail he is a Higher Dragon which means he has gone through the Guardian stage and he has chosen to become a Sage...

Azaroth came to me one day when i was sitting out in the garden watching Bear playing with a car on the grass......he came to sit next to me and was very intrigued with what Bear was doing...he was and always is full of questions.....what, why, how, and can i...

bit like a child really...sometimes it can be a bit much...but it's very hard to tell a Dragon to shut up respectfully!!!!

Anyway Azaroth has always want to know what i am doing and today i went to see Nat who is my Craniosacral therapist (she is an awesome lady too)

Sometimes when your craniosacral rhymes stop she asks what you were thinking right at the moment....well i was having a conversation with he want to know if he could find out how it all worked...i said he would have to ask Nat as she was the one performing the did...through my cranio rhymes...when Nat asked me what i was thinking....i told her that a Dragon what to know how this all worked...she was happy to let him in if it was for both our greater good.....

Wow was did it ever get arms went all tingly and very still...but then they changed into wings that swiped up from the bed and backwards....i felt like i was rising up off the bed....but i wasn't i took a quick peek :-)

Nat sometimes chants when she is working with you....she never knows what she says but you can get a feel for what the meaning could be from the tone.....once Azaroth came into Nat...the tone changed to a much deeper....longer chant...felt very old....

I seem to have a lot of stuff that i have been ingoring for quite sometime now...which was working ok for me but now needs to be looks at...i feel that Azaroth is going to be helping with he now knows how Craniosacral work is done!!!!

will let you know if anything else happens

Esaya RAN

Dragon message 2

"Eriowel", she is a water Dragon and comes from the North Pole. Eriowel is a Dragon so has past through as a Guardian Dragon then a Higher Dragon and now she is Dragon. Eriowel is an aquamarine colour with silver under belly and wings. She is a very old Dragon and guards the way north for all travellers of the seas.

Eriowel message for today is "A better Dragon is one that looks to themselves for love and self worth"
Of course she includes us when she is saying Dragon in this message

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dragon Message no1

Here is the first Dragon Message...I will be posting one a week and after any comments will be interpreting them for you..

This message came through from a Guardian Dragon called "Faroth",

Faroth is a Water Dragon and she comes from the highlands of Scotland. Faroth is a Loch Dragon and guards the loch from all things negative. Faroth is a very long and snake like with no wings to speak of and long feathery tail. She is deep green and blue in colour with white on her tail.

Faroth's message is "Flow like the water and you will know peace"

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dragon Messages

As the Dragons have been here with me for so long now i have been over the years getting many message from them.

Some of the messages are for myself while there have been many others that i have up until now not really known what i should do i will be starting to add a Dragon message once a week to my blog...

But to start with i wanted to explain a little about the types of Dragons that have come through to me....

Here goes....

Different Types of Dragons

Air looks to the eastern quarter of the circle. Its colours can vary from deep blue through to the lightest grey, think of the colours of our skies. Air Dragons often bring with them a warm or moist feel and can smell like wet grass after a rainstorm.
Physical aspects of Air Dragons are: Breezes, windstorms, tornadoes etc, breath, incense (especially Dragons Blood), the Wand, and the Wand suit in the Tarot deck.
Non-physical aspects: renewing, joy of life, compassion, love of life, fun, and love all things spiritual and a love of knowledge.
Negative aspects of the Air Dragon: They are great gossips, they can sometimes lack in attention, can be quite forgetful and they can all be a wee bit snobby.

Fire Rules the North quarter of the circle. Their colour is predominantly red, but can have gold, russet and sometimes orange in a very old Dragons. Fire Dragons brings with them a feeling of warmth and dryness, with intense heat at times.
Physical aspects of Fire Dragons are: The dagger and sword, candles, incense burner, the sun, blood, volcanoes and lighting.
Non-physical aspects: Fire Dragons can show great enthusiasm, are the ones that can show you change, passion, courage, daring, will power & leadership.
Negative aspects of the Fire Dragon: Fire Dragons can also show the negative side to emotions like hate, jealousy, fear, anger, ego, etc.

Water looks to the western quarter of the circle. Their colour range from the deepest blue to green and into purple, just as our sea / oceans. Water Dragons bring with them a feeling of cold and moistness.
Physical aspects of Water Dragons are: The Chalice, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, floods, rainstorms, whirlpools.
Non-physical aspects: Love, intuition, calmness, peace of mind.
Negative aspects of the Water Dragon: Water Dragons can be lazy and sometimes, indifferent to you or your situation. They can have instability and a lack of emotional control.

Earth rules the Southern quarter of the circle. Their colours are clear and dark green through to brown and are cold and dry.
Physical aspects of Earth Dragons are: The wine chalice, ritual salt, dragon bowl, gem bowl, dragon mirror, gemstones, mountains, caves, soil, and earthquakes.
Non-physical aspects: respect, endurance, responsibility, stability, prosperity, thoroughness, purpose in life.
Negative aspects of the Earth Dragon: the can be rigid and have an unwillingness to change or see another side of a problem, Earth Dragons can be stubborn.

Spirit Dragons looks to the spirit side, their colours range from completely white to rainbow and anything in-between.
Physical aspects of Spirit Dragons are: rainbows, water drops on windows, reflections, day, night and breath.
Non-physical aspects: visions, messages, inspiration, instinct, intuition,
Negative aspects of the Spirit Dragon: inward looking, setting too higher expectations of one self.

Higher Dragons
Higher Dragons look to all aspects, Spirit, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These Dragons are Black, White, Silver or Gold or a mixture of Black / Silver / Gold / White. These Higher Dragons are the teachers of the Guardian Dragons and you may see them from time to time as the come in to see how their charges are going.
Physical aspects of Higher Dragons are: Teachers, the voice, the eyes and the brain.
Non-physical aspects: Great wisdom, knowledge, fair sighted, long sighted and justice.
Negative aspects of the Higher Dragon: Not seeing the funny side of things, can be judgemental and expect too much of their charges and of you.
property of Jewell

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dragon Oracle Cards

Amazing how the universe works....

i did a visionary broad at Stroud.....which is now sitting on my toilet door...underneath a sign i made up a while ago...saying "if i can image it i can achieve it"

I thought it was a great place to put it as i would get to see it lots of times during the day / night hehehe

This part of my visionary broad is for my aim at getting fit again....and it's working really well...i have cut out/down my sugar and bread and pasta that i used to eat so much of and now am eating more fruit/veg's and i have cut my portion size using a smaller plate as it helps to make you think you are still eating the same amount when your not!!!!

This part is about my Dragons and how i want to get some Dragon Oracle cards printing and when i saw this course "fantasy watercolour/pencil class" in the WEA.....well i just had to i can learn how to draw fairies, witches..hehehe and of course Dragons....

Amazing..just amazing....

even my bad head cold that i now have can not stop me!!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dragon Tarot

Two Dragons, interlaced with their tails entwined, gaze at each other in a moment of union. Above them shines the Yin-Yang symbol, indicating that all love is in a state of constant evolution.


Intensity in relationships

Friday, June 26, 2009

Esaya (long post)

I would like to thank Kora for kick starting me into this new blog, it is something that I have been toying with for the last year or so, but what with my YAAD studies, being pregnant, then having bub it has been a wee bit hectic 

This blog will be dedicated to my spiritual side, and of course to the lore that I have been given about Dragons.

All the lore / knowledge that I have on Dragons have come from Dragons themselves, be that whilst mediating or in dreams but straight from them. I don’t profess to know everything about them, I’m still very new to working with them, but I do feel that I have an extensive knowledge of them.

How and what my Dragon name means…..

I was given the name Esaya when I was about 19 years old; I had just moved the big city (London) with my partner when things between us went bad very quickly. I was given the choice to stay or go back home, well those that will know me know that I would not just give up and run home to mummy!!! So I sat down one day in Hampstead Heath and asked for guidance……should I stay or go?

It was strange because up until this moment I had not really asked for help in this way before, I normally let my gut feelings take over, but as it often is with break-ups emotions can run very high and blot out most feelings.

So there I was sitting on the heath, it was a cold windy day and no-one was game to come up to my high spot on the hill (maybe the Dragons were guarding it…I have often thought this in the later years when I look back on this day) with tears running down my face…..I was finding it hard to meditate but I knew that I needed help…I looked up and there in the clouds clear as day was a Dragon….a green Dragon, she was so beautiful she took my breath away. She was all the colours of the leaves, from the deep green of summer to the russet brown of autumn. Then she turned her head and pinned me to the spot with her gaze, I could not have moved even if I had wanted to.

“You are Esaya, why would you run?” her voice sounded in my head….

“Who is Esaya” I asked

“You are” was the reply…

Well what could you say to that? Quite a bit if you’re me…hehehe

“Since when have I been Esaya and what done this mean?”

Now you should know that you don’t normally argue with a Dragon, one because they are so much wiser than you, two normally bigger than you and three can be very bad tempered if not listened too right away.

But in the state I was in nothing really mattered.

“You have been know as Esaya to us for a long time, your name was given to you in a dream and means Firelight Sun Princess”

Wow now that she had told me I did remember a very strange dream I had had when I was about 15, I remember dreaming that I was high on a mountain and there in front of me were five Dragons, each one represented the five elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. I was speaking to them, but to this day I can not remember what I was saying (maybe in time I’ll find out) then the Spirit Dragon lifted her head up and said one word


Then I woke up with the worst headache and ended up staying home from school that day, and all day my mum kept asking me to listen to her and stop daydreaming.

So when I was called this again by this beautiful Dragon it did strike a cord with me.

The Dragon actually look kind of a amused with me as I think I had one of those light bulb moments when she was telling me!!! I asked if I could ask her a question, to which she replied,

“why, when you already have the answer in your heart”

I have to say I still find this kind of answer to any question frustrating…and my Dragons know this….think that’s why I get so many of them 

Any way I knew by then that I was going to stay in London, I gave myself six months to see if I could make a go of things on my own then if not homeward bound.

What about the RAN part of my name well that will have to wait as I didn’t get given this part of name until just before I left for Australia.

Esaya RAN

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Dragons

Ok so i say my Dragons but I don't actually own them...they own me really.....

I am seen as their Jewell, part of their treasure....which is i accept now...did take me a few years to come to term with this..but that will be another story.

I feel that i need to start this blog so that i could dedicate personal time and space to the Dragons that i have worked with over my years as a Witch.

When did I first start working with Dragons and how I first got to work with them?

Well working with Dragons is something that I have always done but it has only been in the last 9 years that I have been working consciously with them.

It’s hard for me to really pin point when I first started to work with Dragons, they always seem to be there. I didn’t have an imaginary friend, mine was a Dragon. I now know that he was not imaginary! My first Dragon was very little, he could fit into my pocket and he was Bronze / green in colour, and was called Norda, but as with most Dragons their colours can shift with their mood and age. If your Dragon starts out say red in colour they may well change to a russet / bronze as they mature.

Before that I would often meditate and see and get message from them but would not use then to gain insights into areas of my life or to get help from them. I think the turning point was when I did my first full moon ritual here in Australia, I was alittle confused as to which way I need to have my quarters so I just asked the Dragons to show me and wow did they ever show me. This was when my four Dragons that had been with me since I was about 12 really showed themselves to me. They came down and all stood one of the four quarters, Lanith was an Earth Dragon so she came and stood in the Northern Quarter, Rroth was a Fire Dragon so he came to stand in the Southern Quarter, then there was Janupor who is one of a twin and is a Water Dragon, she came to stand in the Western Quarter and Jonupor is the Air Dragon and he came to stand in the Eastern Quarter. They all then opened their wings and stood wingtip to wingtip and my circle was cast and closed, and that is now how I cast my circle most times. It is not something that I do now with a real conscious thought as it’s now very instinctive to me.

I often say “my Dragons”, which is strange as you can never own a Dragon, but I have been working with some of these Dragons for over 20 or more it feels like they are ones come and go but I have always had my four Dragons with me, ever since I was 12 years old... and that's a long time.

I will be re-posting some of the Dragon messages that i have been given over the last few years again