Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dragon Message

"Nordra JAL” was my first ever Guardian Dragon, his is an Earth Dragon and is now a mature Dragon, so he started off Bronze in colour and is now the colour of Coal...he is now a Higher Dragon and is looking after the current Rose Cottage Guardian Dragon.

Nordra JAL message is: - "Be sure that your path is not obscured by your desire”

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Working with Dragon Energy

When you befriend a dragon to work magick, you need to be prepared for a demanding time, your Dragon can seem to be a little harsh at times but it will always be in your best interests.
Once you have a good working relationship with a dragon he or she will want you to learn all you can, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with them. Dragon Magick is not one of those things that can be picked up and put down again when you feel like it, it is a continuous learning experience that lasts a lifetime. Whilst working with dragons be sure to give them the respect they deserve and they will respect you. You have to have a two way relationship with your co-magickian; they are not going to do all the work whilst you sit back and watch! Treat your dragon companion as your friend, don’t just call on it when you need something but allow it to spend time with you.
Dragon energy can be used for anything you wish, you can use this energy the same way you would if you were calling upon a certain God or Goddess.

You can use Dragon energy if you are doing ritual, blessing your house, cleansing your house, protecting your house, car, any item you wish, the list is endless and only limited by your own imagination.

Dragon Cleansing Chant: -

Our house cleansed with Dragon fire,
Our house cleansed with Dragon breath,
Our house cleansed with Dragon tears,
Our house cleansed with Dragon power,

Our house is now cleansed and pure,
Ready for the New Year!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dragons of dual element

Dragons have been hatched recently with dual elements e.g. Fire & Water, Air & Earth, fire & Earth etc, now Dragons normally only have one element, they know about all elements but only have one in themselves. Dual Dragons have been appearing in the last 10 years, why I have not yet been told, they are similar to our Blue Star and Crystal Children that are being born.

I have a theory that these Dragons will be working very closely with Humans in the fight against Global Warming and Climate Change, but as I say this is only my theory and I have yet to do any extensive meditation on it to have this confirmed or denied.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dragon Class Definitions

Dragons are know by their class definitions, so when they reveal their name to you they will also have a three lettered prefix after their names, this tells you which class of “Dragon” they look to. Below is a short list that I have gathered in my studies on Dragons, there are plenty more but I have not yet met all Dragons!!!

Esaya RAN – Firelight Sun Princess Warrior class

RAN – Warrior
MAR – Mother
LAR – Poet
TAR – Scholar
JAL – Messenger
SIL – Singer
SAN – Healer
MIL – Musician
FAN – Engineer / Inventors
SEP – Dancer
CAI – Priest / Knowledgeable one

Friday, December 4, 2009

How Dragons fit into our world and their time frame

Dragons have been here since the beginning of time and some say before that. Some people believe that Dragons have been a catalyst for many new worlds forming, as Dragons love to play with energies which can lead to explosions in space and out of the explosions new worlds are formed. I believe this to be true as there are many worlds that the Dragons look to and look after, so I feel that they know that they were the cause that started that peculiar world so they should watch over this world. Dragons have a great sense of duty and responsibility which is something that they take very seriously, so you need to keep this in mind when working with them, because if you agree to do something that a Dragon has asked of you, please do not think that you can just forget about it, this will not happen.

You can see Dragons physically when you know how to look for them. How you do this is to focus on a spot in the room then let you eyes slowly un-focus this will allow you to see the Dragons aura, once you can see this you will then be able to spot them anywhere. It does take some practice so please keep going with it as it is well worth the time. Another way that a Dragon may choose to communicate with your is through your dreams, as when you are sleeping your subconscious is the one that they find easier to deal with, less prejudice for them to deal with and to try to cut through! Dragon dreams are usually very vivid and in colour. They will have a beginning, middle and an end, and the message is normally to be found in the whole dream. You can get message through from your Dragon when you meditate as this also opens up your subconscious to them. Always think very carefully about what you are agreeing to when a message or dream comes to you as I have said before Dragons do not go back on their word, so will not expect you to either.