Friday, December 4, 2009

How Dragons fit into our world and their time frame

Dragons have been here since the beginning of time and some say before that. Some people believe that Dragons have been a catalyst for many new worlds forming, as Dragons love to play with energies which can lead to explosions in space and out of the explosions new worlds are formed. I believe this to be true as there are many worlds that the Dragons look to and look after, so I feel that they know that they were the cause that started that peculiar world so they should watch over this world. Dragons have a great sense of duty and responsibility which is something that they take very seriously, so you need to keep this in mind when working with them, because if you agree to do something that a Dragon has asked of you, please do not think that you can just forget about it, this will not happen.

You can see Dragons physically when you know how to look for them. How you do this is to focus on a spot in the room then let you eyes slowly un-focus this will allow you to see the Dragons aura, once you can see this you will then be able to spot them anywhere. It does take some practice so please keep going with it as it is well worth the time. Another way that a Dragon may choose to communicate with your is through your dreams, as when you are sleeping your subconscious is the one that they find easier to deal with, less prejudice for them to deal with and to try to cut through! Dragon dreams are usually very vivid and in colour. They will have a beginning, middle and an end, and the message is normally to be found in the whole dream. You can get message through from your Dragon when you meditate as this also opens up your subconscious to them. Always think very carefully about what you are agreeing to when a message or dream comes to you as I have said before Dragons do not go back on their word, so will not expect you to either.

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