Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Please meet Azaroth

Azaroth has been with me now for the last 2 months

He is a Sage Dragon...

Sages are the male equivalent of the matriarchs(more information in these to come) They teach the young hatchlings the male energies of each element and will often take on apprentices from the hatchlings that show promise. These apprentices still need to serve as Guardian Dragons but will normally only do so for a shorter period of time. Sages are also the guardians of ideas, power, change, time etc. They store these elements to be used as needed; we can as we learn to work more closely with Dragons assess these when the time is right.

Azaroth is a large black Dragon with silver on his wings and tail he is a Higher Dragon which means he has gone through the Guardian stage and he has chosen to become a Sage...

Azaroth came to me one day when i was sitting out in the garden watching Bear playing with a car on the grass......he came to sit next to me and was very intrigued with what Bear was doing...he was and always is full of questions.....what, why, how, and can i...

bit like a child really...sometimes it can be a bit much...but it's very hard to tell a Dragon to shut up respectfully!!!!

Anyway Azaroth has always want to know what i am doing and today i went to see Nat who is my Craniosacral therapist (she is an awesome lady too)

Sometimes when your craniosacral rhymes stop she asks what you were thinking right at the moment....well i was having a conversation with he want to know if he could find out how it all worked...i said he would have to ask Nat as she was the one performing the did...through my cranio rhymes...when Nat asked me what i was thinking....i told her that a Dragon what to know how this all worked...she was happy to let him in if it was for both our greater good.....

Wow was did it ever get arms went all tingly and very still...but then they changed into wings that swiped up from the bed and backwards....i felt like i was rising up off the bed....but i wasn't i took a quick peek :-)

Nat sometimes chants when she is working with you....she never knows what she says but you can get a feel for what the meaning could be from the tone.....once Azaroth came into Nat...the tone changed to a much deeper....longer chant...felt very old....

I seem to have a lot of stuff that i have been ingoring for quite sometime now...which was working ok for me but now needs to be looks at...i feel that Azaroth is going to be helping with he now knows how Craniosacral work is done!!!!

will let you know if anything else happens

Esaya RAN

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Wendy said...

WOW - That sounds amazing!