Monday, July 20, 2009

Dragon Messages

As the Dragons have been here with me for so long now i have been over the years getting many message from them.

Some of the messages are for myself while there have been many others that i have up until now not really known what i should do i will be starting to add a Dragon message once a week to my blog...

But to start with i wanted to explain a little about the types of Dragons that have come through to me....

Here goes....

Different Types of Dragons

Air looks to the eastern quarter of the circle. Its colours can vary from deep blue through to the lightest grey, think of the colours of our skies. Air Dragons often bring with them a warm or moist feel and can smell like wet grass after a rainstorm.
Physical aspects of Air Dragons are: Breezes, windstorms, tornadoes etc, breath, incense (especially Dragons Blood), the Wand, and the Wand suit in the Tarot deck.
Non-physical aspects: renewing, joy of life, compassion, love of life, fun, and love all things spiritual and a love of knowledge.
Negative aspects of the Air Dragon: They are great gossips, they can sometimes lack in attention, can be quite forgetful and they can all be a wee bit snobby.

Fire Rules the North quarter of the circle. Their colour is predominantly red, but can have gold, russet and sometimes orange in a very old Dragons. Fire Dragons brings with them a feeling of warmth and dryness, with intense heat at times.
Physical aspects of Fire Dragons are: The dagger and sword, candles, incense burner, the sun, blood, volcanoes and lighting.
Non-physical aspects: Fire Dragons can show great enthusiasm, are the ones that can show you change, passion, courage, daring, will power & leadership.
Negative aspects of the Fire Dragon: Fire Dragons can also show the negative side to emotions like hate, jealousy, fear, anger, ego, etc.

Water looks to the western quarter of the circle. Their colour range from the deepest blue to green and into purple, just as our sea / oceans. Water Dragons bring with them a feeling of cold and moistness.
Physical aspects of Water Dragons are: The Chalice, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, floods, rainstorms, whirlpools.
Non-physical aspects: Love, intuition, calmness, peace of mind.
Negative aspects of the Water Dragon: Water Dragons can be lazy and sometimes, indifferent to you or your situation. They can have instability and a lack of emotional control.

Earth rules the Southern quarter of the circle. Their colours are clear and dark green through to brown and are cold and dry.
Physical aspects of Earth Dragons are: The wine chalice, ritual salt, dragon bowl, gem bowl, dragon mirror, gemstones, mountains, caves, soil, and earthquakes.
Non-physical aspects: respect, endurance, responsibility, stability, prosperity, thoroughness, purpose in life.
Negative aspects of the Earth Dragon: the can be rigid and have an unwillingness to change or see another side of a problem, Earth Dragons can be stubborn.

Spirit Dragons looks to the spirit side, their colours range from completely white to rainbow and anything in-between.
Physical aspects of Spirit Dragons are: rainbows, water drops on windows, reflections, day, night and breath.
Non-physical aspects: visions, messages, inspiration, instinct, intuition,
Negative aspects of the Spirit Dragon: inward looking, setting too higher expectations of one self.

Higher Dragons
Higher Dragons look to all aspects, Spirit, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These Dragons are Black, White, Silver or Gold or a mixture of Black / Silver / Gold / White. These Higher Dragons are the teachers of the Guardian Dragons and you may see them from time to time as the come in to see how their charges are going.
Physical aspects of Higher Dragons are: Teachers, the voice, the eyes and the brain.
Non-physical aspects: Great wisdom, knowledge, fair sighted, long sighted and justice.
Negative aspects of the Higher Dragon: Not seeing the funny side of things, can be judgemental and expect too much of their charges and of you.
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Wendy said...

This is a GREAT summary - thorough but without being overly complex. I really enjoyed reading this.

The only question I have is in regards to the correspondences of air/east and earth/south. Are these the directions you use for the elements outside the cottage?

I'm really looking forward to reading your weekly dragon messages!

Jewell said...

the elements/directions are the ones i use when casting circle