Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guardian Dragon for Sacred Elements

I was asked to gather a Guardian Dragon for a new business venue....

After i had done a mediation Tarijan SAN came is some information about her

Your Guardian Dragon is called Tarija SAN and she is an Air / Water Dragon; she is a dual element Dragon. Tarija comes from the Marakele Safari in South Africa. Marakele in Setswana implies a 'place of sanctuary' it is a safari in the heart of the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, a natural wonderland. Situated between the dry west and moist east of South Africa, Marakele National Park boasts an unusual mix of bird and animal life; meander into the mountains, up to the ‘towers’, for a bird’s eye view of the world's largest breeding colony of endangered Cape vultures riding the thermals above the Waterberg massif.

Tarija SAN means “Earth Healer” SAN is the class definition for Healer in the Dragon world. Use her for any healing you may do, giving or receiving. She can help guard your business from sickness be that mental, physical or spiritual. Tarija is a very powerful matriarch so will be very protective over her treasures…you! Her colours are silver, green, aqua and violet. As Tarija has dual elements you can call on both elements at once or use them individually.
Water Dragons bring with them a feeling of cold and moistness.
Physical aspects of Water Dragons are: The Chalice, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, floods, rainstorms, whirlpools.
Non-physical aspects: Love, intuition, calmness, peace of mind.
Negative aspects of the Water Dragon: Water Dragons can be lazy and sometimes, indifferent to you or your situation. They can have instability and a lack of emotional control.
Air Dragons often bring with them a warm or moist feel and can smell like wet grass after a rainstorm.
Physical aspects of Air Dragons are: Breezes, windstorms, tornados etc, breath, incense (especially Dragons Blood), the Wand, and the Wand suit in the Tarot deck.
Non-physical aspects: renewing, joy of life, compassion, love of life, fun, and love all things spiritual and a love of knowledge.
Negative aspects of the Air Dragon: They are great gossips, they can sometimes lack in attention, can be quite forgetful and they can all be a wee bit snobby.

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