Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Tattoo

One thing that has come out of the mass of Dragon energies that surrounds me..

Is an image of a new Tattoo..

I have been wanting to get another tattoo for a while now and wanted to get one that combined a pentacle and a Dragon..

When you look on the web there are heaps of such tattoos but i wanted mine to be something that meant alot to me, not just because i like the design...

Now i have tried for a long time to design a symbol for Dragon, but have not been able to come up with one that feels right....

I'm not supposed to be trying i just been told!!! okay then...

Well this image came to me about 2 weeks ago...

It's a pentacle with the chinese symbol for Dragon in the middle of the pentacle...and i'm going to have it tattooed on the back of my neck...

Will be hopefully getting this in the next week or so..

will post a picture when it's done

Esaya RAN

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So many Dragons

There has been so many Dragons and Dragon energies around me in the last two weeks that it has been a bit hard to think clearly...

People have been commenting on how hot i have been...

And boy they're right...

Although the Dragons have not all been Fire Dragons their energies have been very, very strong....

These Dragons have been a wee bit pissed off with things that have been going on in my life / vicinity...which can make for an uncomfortable place to be...

Lucky it was not me that they were pissed off at....rather those that choose to direct energies to myself that were not positive....

Again i am very Lucky to have them as my Guardians...

Now that certain situations have been taken care of I will sit down to mediate on who these wonderful Dragons are and what they wish for me to know....


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guardian Dragon for Sacred Elements

I was asked to gather a Guardian Dragon for a new business venue....

After i had done a mediation Tarijan SAN came is some information about her

Your Guardian Dragon is called Tarija SAN and she is an Air / Water Dragon; she is a dual element Dragon. Tarija comes from the Marakele Safari in South Africa. Marakele in Setswana implies a 'place of sanctuary' it is a safari in the heart of the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, a natural wonderland. Situated between the dry west and moist east of South Africa, Marakele National Park boasts an unusual mix of bird and animal life; meander into the mountains, up to the ‘towers’, for a bird’s eye view of the world's largest breeding colony of endangered Cape vultures riding the thermals above the Waterberg massif.

Tarija SAN means “Earth Healer” SAN is the class definition for Healer in the Dragon world. Use her for any healing you may do, giving or receiving. She can help guard your business from sickness be that mental, physical or spiritual. Tarija is a very powerful matriarch so will be very protective over her treasures…you! Her colours are silver, green, aqua and violet. As Tarija has dual elements you can call on both elements at once or use them individually.
Water Dragons bring with them a feeling of cold and moistness.
Physical aspects of Water Dragons are: The Chalice, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, floods, rainstorms, whirlpools.
Non-physical aspects: Love, intuition, calmness, peace of mind.
Negative aspects of the Water Dragon: Water Dragons can be lazy and sometimes, indifferent to you or your situation. They can have instability and a lack of emotional control.
Air Dragons often bring with them a warm or moist feel and can smell like wet grass after a rainstorm.
Physical aspects of Air Dragons are: Breezes, windstorms, tornados etc, breath, incense (especially Dragons Blood), the Wand, and the Wand suit in the Tarot deck.
Non-physical aspects: renewing, joy of life, compassion, love of life, fun, and love all things spiritual and a love of knowledge.
Negative aspects of the Air Dragon: They are great gossips, they can sometimes lack in attention, can be quite forgetful and they can all be a wee bit snobby.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to the New Year

Sorry i've not posted anything till now but what with Christmas and sick has been rather full on.....

"Azellom" he is a Fire Dragon, unlike most Fire Dragons he does not have any red colourings at all. He is Black with Silver underbelly and wings. Azellom does not have red in him because he is a Higher Dragon.

Azellom's message for today is..."Your soul is your heart, your heart is your eyes and you need to open them all"

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dragon Message

"Nordra JAL” was my first ever Guardian Dragon, his is an Earth Dragon and is now a mature Dragon, so he started off Bronze in colour and is now the colour of Coal...he is now a Higher Dragon and is looking after the current Rose Cottage Guardian Dragon.

Nordra JAL message is: - "Be sure that your path is not obscured by your desire”

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Working with Dragon Energy

When you befriend a dragon to work magick, you need to be prepared for a demanding time, your Dragon can seem to be a little harsh at times but it will always be in your best interests.
Once you have a good working relationship with a dragon he or she will want you to learn all you can, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with them. Dragon Magick is not one of those things that can be picked up and put down again when you feel like it, it is a continuous learning experience that lasts a lifetime. Whilst working with dragons be sure to give them the respect they deserve and they will respect you. You have to have a two way relationship with your co-magickian; they are not going to do all the work whilst you sit back and watch! Treat your dragon companion as your friend, don’t just call on it when you need something but allow it to spend time with you.
Dragon energy can be used for anything you wish, you can use this energy the same way you would if you were calling upon a certain God or Goddess.

You can use Dragon energy if you are doing ritual, blessing your house, cleansing your house, protecting your house, car, any item you wish, the list is endless and only limited by your own imagination.

Dragon Cleansing Chant: -

Our house cleansed with Dragon fire,
Our house cleansed with Dragon breath,
Our house cleansed with Dragon tears,
Our house cleansed with Dragon power,

Our house is now cleansed and pure,
Ready for the New Year!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dragons of dual element

Dragons have been hatched recently with dual elements e.g. Fire & Water, Air & Earth, fire & Earth etc, now Dragons normally only have one element, they know about all elements but only have one in themselves. Dual Dragons have been appearing in the last 10 years, why I have not yet been told, they are similar to our Blue Star and Crystal Children that are being born.

I have a theory that these Dragons will be working very closely with Humans in the fight against Global Warming and Climate Change, but as I say this is only my theory and I have yet to do any extensive meditation on it to have this confirmed or denied.